Monday, May 14, 2012


This is our first Fan Product Review for the Big Top Donut!
Our fan Anita did an awesome job! Here is what she said:
I was given the opportunity to review the Big Top Donut Silicone Bakeware product, Thanks to The Coupon Coffee Shop!

The bakeware set includes a 3 piece mold made of flexible non-stick silicone, decorating scribbler to create fun designs, product manual and idea book.
This bakeware mold set is refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe.

I chose to make the Chocolate Glazed Donut with Sprinkles, as pictured on the box front.  There are several other donuts that are listed in the idea book, including Vanilla Glazed with Sprinkles, Strawberry Glazed, Jelly Donut and Boston Cream.
If you are feeling creative, the possibilities are endless!

For my donut, I also decided to use a bannana cream pudding for a filler, so that I would be able to try out the entire 3 piece set.  You do not have to use this piece of the mold if you do not wish to have a filling.

The instructions were quite simple.   You just spray the inside of the silicone molds with cooking spray and lightly dust with flour.  Then, set your molds onto a baking sheet. 

Prepare your boxed cake mix as directed. (I chose Pillsbury Supreme classic yellow, but you can choose any flavor you like)
Pour your prepared cake mix into the molds, dividing as evenly as possible.  There are 2 lines marked inside the molds.  You pour up to the indicated line as directed.  
Since I was using a filling, I was to pour to the bottom line and discard any remaining mix.  However, I did not have any mix remaining, so I am unsure how I would have poured to the top line!
(There is only aprox. a 1/2" difference between lines)

The directions suggested that when using the Easy Fill Insert, to place baking (Pie) weights on top of the insert. I did not have these, so I decided to make without.
The cake came out just fine without the weights and after waiting 20 minutes for cooling, the cake came out of the molds fairly easilly.
I allowed my cake to cool completely,then added the instant pudding. I also used a knife to slice the other side off evenly before putting the 2 pieces together.  

The instructions stated that you could microwave a can of icing to pour over the cake, but I opted to make my own icing with a recipe I found on a can of cocoa. I used a spoon to allow the icing to drip down the sides of the cake and then tossed some sprinkles on top!  

This cake looked so good,that I just had to slice it for my family to try.  Everyone agreed that it was absolutely delicious!

I came up with an idea that was not mentioned in the book.  I think it would be fun to try making a seperate cake color or even brownie mix, etc. to pour into the center baking piece.  This would make for another wonderful cake center!

Here are some more of her pics:

Thanks Anita for doing such a wonderful job!


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