Sunday, July 8, 2012


snomee event kickstarter campaign

Hurry to get involved in a great giveaway!
If you would like to participate, promote, get experience and knowledge in something new, and have fun – Fill out the forms and you’ll be counted on!
If you would like to receive your commemorative Snomee of limited edition, gift cards, and even the whole Snomee collection of 11 gifts available only through this campaign, please choose any of the events you’d like to participate in to contribute. Everybody who truly participates in this Snomee event will be rewarded.
Here are the available events for the Snomee Kickstarter Campaign, and you are welcome to participate in any of them. Yep, Par-Ti-Ci-Pate!
Snomee Rollercoaster of Events
Giveaway Dates: July 9-15, 2012
• 1st Prize – Original Limited Edition Snomee Collection, $200 Value (Check these great gift card gifts here)
• 10 Prizes – $15 Gift Cards
Open to US and Canada
• You get 1 Free FB link in lieu of promoting this event
• If you wish an additional Twitter link, please pay $1 via PayPal as a “gift” to:
• You agree to post this giveaway on your blog
• You agree to promote this event throughout your social media and blogging communities
• You will receive One (1) Free Facebook link on the Rafflecopter for your efforts to promote
• If you wish to add Twitter to the Rafflecopter, please send $1 via PayPal as a gift to:
• The html will be sent out via email or you can pick it up here at the FB group of events
For all questions with regards to this giveaway, please contact Laura at:
And yes, the most active bloggers with the most promotions, will receive a Full Limited Edition Collection of Snomees. And I’ll ask the owners to autograph them too in some way for your. Details will follow.
There will be lots of prizes for those who truly participate.
NB: I am looking for 3 Co-hosts for this event. As a Co-host, you shall receive a link in the post and some great prizes from organic skin care company.
• As a Co-host, you agree to promote this event and “push” it a bit more when we need it.
• If you would like to be considered, please place your bid in the form.
• The first top 3 Bids will be the Co-hosts of this event.
Click Here to sign up!


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